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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Senior citizens prefer 'peaceful' shelter homes for better lives", Times of India (excerpt)

"Senior citizens prefer 'peaceful' shelter homes for better lives", Times of India, Guwahati, Apr 9, 2012. 

"Sending old people to shelter homes was considered to be a taboo, a while ago as people feared social repercussion from fellow society members but the situation has changed, lately as more number of senior citizens prefers putting up at the old age homes"

..."Most of the boarders residing at 'Aamar Ghar' have come there because their children have no time for them. But there are some who have opted voluntarily to reside there to steer clear from any possible bickering with their children"

..."Parents used to be socio-centric and today, children are ego-centric. But changes are not always a negative factor. It is good that some old people prefer engaging themselves in different pastime pursuits to find a new meaning of life."


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