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Monday, April 30, 2012

Book: Alzheimer's Disease (How to manage Alzheimer's Disease), testimony from Balagopal Keeran, New Delhi, India.

“The Indian Caregiver’s Corner” :

This section is made in part, to explain theoretically the different aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease, the patients and caregivers have to face worldwide… like the impairment process, the different disorders: memory, language, organization… changes in personality and behavior…. But also, the impact of the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions like socialization, meditation, physical exercise, the caregiver’s role and difficulties encountered in India. 

Readers are invited to enrich this section to make it an experience-based one, a resourceful section for other caregivers to find there helpful tips/ways to cope with the symptoms, the daily care activities and to face specific situations in their local setting, at home, outside, with family, doctors….

From autor Balagopal Keeran (Family caregiver, New Delhi): "My father is an AD patient and that is how we got to know about this. Since then, trying to bring out awareness about the disease and inputs to family caregivers from our personal experiences.

There is still so much of ignorance about AD in India. People still presume it is a natural part of aging !

About his book: "My father is a victim of this dreadful disease and we have had some terrible experiences based on our lack of awareness of the disease, its symptoms, and changes in patient's behavior. 

I have committed lots of mistakes as a family caregiver due to my ignorance and lack of awareness about this disease. I am seeking repentance for my mistakes and also want to ensure that nobody repeats my mistakes and that everyone can understand their patient well and provide the correct response to the patient's changing behavior as the disease progresses."

My book - ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE (How to manage Alzheimer's Disease) wherein I have shared my personal experiences as a family caregiver.


Alzheimer's Disease in India :
Thank you for sharing your experience with us and on our Facebook group. I am sure the other Caregivers facing similar situations there would be very moved by seeing all your efforts in making your mother feel comfortable through the disease.

Indeed, each testimony is important for us because other Family Caregivers in India, may find there the support and relief they needed, benefit of your "advises and tips" and you may even have enlighten their pathway then.

So dear Members and Reader, thank you for bringing hope, by participating even if you don't have a "serious" problem/case but even just feelings/thoughts are worth to share. It is really helping us in raising awareness on this disease, to bring support and knowledge for Dementia Care Management in India.

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