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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Principles for a Dignified Diagnosis in Alzheimer’s: the patient's view.

Principles for a Dignified Diagnosis in Alzheimer’s, from  Elder Care at Home, OCTOBER 28, 2011. 

"In the 2008 report, Voices of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Summary Report on the Nationwide Town Hall Meetings for People with Early Stage Dementia

the Alzheimer’s Association identified diagnostic challenges and dissatisfying interactions with the medical community as two major challenges articulated by people living with the disease. "

"These principles are their insights on how to make that experience better: 
* Talk to me directly, the person with dementia;
* Tell the truth;
* Test early;
* Take my concerns seriously, regardless of my age;
* Deliver the news in plain but sensitive language;
*Coordinate with other care providers;
* Explain the purpose of different tests and what you hope to learn;
* Give me tools for living with this disease;
* Work with me on a plan for healthy living;
* Recognize that I am an individual and the way;
* Alzheimer’s is a journey, not a destination.


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