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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"The Private Health Sector in India : Nature, Trends and a Critique" by Ravi Duggal.

"The Private Health Sector in India : Nature, Trends and a Critique", Ravi Duggal, Project Supported By: Independent Commission for Health in India (ICHI), New Delhi.
..."While the expansion of the private sector is primarily responsible for high and increasing inequity in access to health care, its internal functioning is riddled with problems and its claim of better efficiency and quality service are yet to be objectively proven. 
Besides, malpractice is very common, irrational and unnecessary diagnostic tests and surgeries are rampant, and ethics are by and large jettisoned.
All over the world there is a tendency to move towards more organised national health systems and an increased share of public finance in health care. Almost all developed capitalist and socialist countries have universal health care systems where the public sector's share of the fiscal burden is between 60 to 100 %. 
This trend is inevitable in the pursuit of equity and universal coverage. A few countries which have not set up universal systems of health care, such as the USA, where 30 million people do not have reasonable access to health care, continue to have glaring inequities in health care provision despite being economically well-developed."

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