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Monday, August 1, 2011

Zindagi Live TV Show in HINDI : "Life with Alzheimer's Disease", indian families sharing their story.

Zindagi Live: "Life with Alzheimer's Disease". Watch the video in Hindi talking about the situation of Alzheimers and their families in India today.

For copyright reason with haven't been able to download the video on the Blog but it is available on the Facebook Page where you may live your comments.

Also, from IBN, you may download the videos through Real Player,

Here is the link to the show dedicated to Alzheimer's Disease on IBN channel :


Hendi Lingiah,
Clinical Psychology in gerontology

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Ms Hendi Lingiah, clinical psychologist, France said...

Swapna Kishore from Dementia Care Notes : "It's a great video, but I think that it gives only a partial picture. The overall impression is that if one has love and patience , everything will turn out well. But a lot of people who love the patients and try their best are not able to manage because they do not understand the nature of problems being faced by the patients. We should not start feeling that caregivers who are facing problems are doing so because they are less loving or less "good" or less sincere about caregiving. I wish the video had given more emphasis on the importance to contact volunteer organizations and caregiver support groups to learn how to effectively communicate with patients, and to cope with challenging behaviour. Just my opinion, of course..."