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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"The Blue Mug" : an Indian Play on Memory Loss. The Hindu Kerala.

"The Blue Mug" :

"Life and memories

Shipra says during the course of The Blue Mug: “Life without memories is nothing at all”. If Blue Mug were to have a tagline, this could be it. On one hand you have Rajat, Sheeba, Vinay and Munish treating you to flashbacks of their respective lives; on the other, Shipra and Ranvir playing out the story of a person with memory stuck in 1983. The script is simplicity itself, there is nothing you might not have encountered yourself. This connecting factor endears the play to you, or maybe the presentation, the surreal picture painted on stage with one person talking under a spotlight while the others do random stuff in the backdrop. I won’t pretend to have understood all the abstract elements though. Lovely acting – highlight being Vinay and Sheeba. Excellent choice of music; the Hemant-da song, the retro jazz piece. Kudos to The Hindu for bringing this initiative to Kerala.

Vipin S Nair, Elamakkara, Kochi"

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