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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Reactions to dementia" by Kate Swaffer.

"When a person with dementia ‘comes out’ about their diagnosis, and openly admits they are living with the symptoms of, and diagnosis of dementia, there are a number of reactions and responses. The person with dementia (PWD) is thrown into complete turmoil; anger, ‘why me?’, surely it can’t be true, let’s get a second opinion, grief, and many other things. Coming to terms with such a diagnosis is a very difficult thing for every family facing the arrival of Mr Dementia.
The responses of others varies. Some are over protective, immediately wanting to help you, take over for you, and try to love you more. Others openly suggest or accuse you of lying; if you can still speak and function, then you can’t have it, or maybe you are lying for notoriety or sympathy. Many others say, ‘but I forget things too’, or ‘my mother/father is like that’. Then if you remember something in a conversation, some say, ‘see, you can’t possibly have dementia’."...

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