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Saturday, December 29, 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS from Alzheimers Wing Imphal, West Bengal, INDIA.


The Editorial team of Journal of AGEING & ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE is an open access, peer reviewed journal which covers both basic and clinical aspects of research into aging, age-related disorders, the general health of elderly people, and how to care for them. 

All aspects of research into the aging process are of interest, at the molecular, cellular and organismal levels, Neurological, Trauma , Economy, Mental Health , geriatrics, Spiritual, Diabetes , Heart disease and mediating factors. 

Age-related disorders and conditions such as dementia and frailty, aspects related to nutrition, but also rehabilitation strategies and how to best care for people as they age, are all of interest.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original and unpublished contributions for ageing. 

All submitted contributions must be full draft papers, written in English and limited to 1500 words.
When submitting your draft paper, include a cover page with a short abstract, indicate the desired and intended scope as well as the authors’ name, title, affiliation and the address, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address of the contact author. 

Papers should fit into the following theme areas: 

1.Improving Health and Living Conditions for Elderly Populations

2.Alzheimer’s Treatment and Care at a Crossroads: Pursuing All Avenues to
Provide Relief

3 .Diagnostic challenges in dementia : Neurology

4. Healthy Aging & Clinical Care in the Elderly

5.Dementia, Mental Health and Neurological Co-morbidities

6.Economic Aspects of Population Aging in China and India

7.Family Experiences in the Journey Through Dementia Diagnosis and Care

8. Neurological Disorders: Public Health Challenges

9. Environmental Factors in the Development of Dementia

10 Arthritis - Society for Women’s Health

11. Neurological disorder problems and prospects women.

12. Post traumatic stress disorder social problems.

13. Depression and aging: a look to the future

14. Economic ‘Burden’ of Ageing and the Prospect of Intergenerational Conflict
15 . Geriatrics care elderly citizens
16. Spritual and Yoga
17. Diabeties and Heart Disease of Ageing etc.
Processing Speed: Editorial decision less than 3 Months , publication in average 

3 Months after acceptance. Deadline of Submission 15 January 2013
Please send us:
Cell No: +918974024889/+919865377484

Smt. R.K. Nayansana Devi
Chief Editor & Chairperson,
Manipur State Social Welfare Board 
Govt. of Manipur.

Dr. K. Shantibala Devi
Scientific & Chief Patron Editoral Team
National Alliance for Elder’s People
Livelihood ResearAdvocacy & Chronic 
Disease of India

H. Sanamatum Singh
Editor & General Secretary
ARDSI, Manipur Chapter 

The contributions and the oral presentations are considered to be awarded a Best Paper Award by the Editorial Team.

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