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Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Applying available dementia/ caregiving material to the Indian context", by Swapna Kishore, India.

"Most dementia and caregiving material available (websites, books, DVDs, videos, presentations) assumes a social and cultural context different from what we find in India, which means that anyone using that to design systems and supports fo
r India needs to adjust the advice given to take the Indian setting into account.

Briefly, books, pamphlets, write-ups available in English usually assume an American/ European/ Australian culture, where people are more likely to live independently (compared to India), where they openly and without hesitation make choices that allow them to “have a life”, discuss their desires and needs, and have their privacy respected. 

Specialized tools are available, and information on dementia is widespread (compared to India). The role of support persons and caregivers is recognized and respected. 

The environment in India differs along these axes in varying degrees. We must therefore re-interpret some lessons/ suggestions, and explore alternate means to meet the intent. This is applicable to caregivers, counselors, support groups, and NGOs.

Below are my observations and thoughts on differences and possible ways to re-apply the underlying ideas in our context. Please use the comments area to share your thoughts and data on the topic."...


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