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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Late-stage dementia care by the Dementia Care Notes Website.

"A late-stage dementia patient is dependent on others for all activities. He/ she is bed-ridden, or almost bed-ridden. Caring for a late-stage dementia person is very different from caring for a early dementia patient or a mid-stage dementia patient (see: Plan care for various dementia stages).

In India, with hardly any assisted living centres that accept dementia patients, care for late stage patients is done at home. Home must, therefore, be adapted for such care; dementia caregivers must discuss with their doctor for information on setting up home for care, and for the skills to learn for such care. 

Home care of a late-stage dementia patient requires  good access to medical support, such as doctors who do home visits, pathology labs that can take samples from home, and other such facilities. This is the final stage of the disease, and the patient will begin to deteriorate and fade away, and finally die.

This page discusses an indicative (but not exhaustive) list of what caregivers need to know.
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