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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 50 Online Resources for Families Coping With Alzheimer’s

Information About Alzheimer’s Disease

13. Alzheimer’s Disease – Symptoms Treatment and Care : Articles about Alzheimer’s disease and other resources are included here.

14. : Doctors discuss the connections between nutrition and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s.

15. : Everyday Health provides suggestions and contact information for various Alzheimer’s support organizations.

16. The Tangled Neuron : Mona Johnson provides the latest updates on Alzheimer’s research, written in a way that families can understand.

17. Alzheimer’s Association : The Alzheimer’s Association provides excellent resources on their website.

18. : There are several good articles about Alzheimer’s Disease on this blog.

19. The Forgetting : This is a wonderful companion website to the gripping PBS documentary, The Forgetting, which originally aired in 2008.

20. Partnering With Your Doctor: A Guide For Persons With Memory Problems and Their Care Partners : This excellent online brochure is provided by the Alzheimer’s Association and helps patients and their caregivers know how to work with the doctor.

21. Alzheimer’s Reading Room : This is the #1 blog online in the category of Alzheimer’s and Caregiving. Over 1,500 articles deal with topics from anxiety to behavior problems.

22. AHAF : You can order free brochures from the American Health Assistance Foundation on this site devoted to Alzheimer’s research.

23. Brain Today : Two doctors and a medical professional blog daily about news in the world of neurosciences and Alzheimer’s Disease.

24. : Coping With Alzheimer’s : has many excellent articles about ways to cope with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

25. Dementia News : A British website that combines many different resources about the effects of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

26. Mayo Clinic: Alzheimer’s Disease – Coping and support : The Mayo Clinic offers advice to both the Alzheimer’s patient and the caregiver. Subscribe to the free newsletter.

27. Coping With Daily Life and Alzheimer’s Disease : Alzheimer’s patients who are still aware of their condition and that they are losing their mental capacity have many questions as they wonder how to cope with the disease.

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