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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Senior Citizen National Protest Day, August 16, India.

The plight of Senior Citizens - an appeal

Majority of Older Persons in our Country are a miserable lot and there are 10 crores of them.

Our Rulers have still not bothered to handle the problems which a very fast ageing society faces. According to a survey 66% of Senior Citizens [60+] can not afford two square meals a day, 90% of them do not have any social or health security, 73% are illiterate and have to depend on physical labour to earn their living and 37% are lonely cursing their age. The poorest among the poor are Senior Citizens.

Unfortunately, the attitude of our both State and Central Governments has been cold and indifferent towards their problems,

In view of this situation, the All India Senior Citizens' Confederation along with 27 other major National and State level Associations of Senior Citizens and Pensioners have decided to observe August 16 as the Protest Day. We hope that it will atleast stir up the conscience of our Rulers.

We lookforward to your support and co-operation in this regard.

We are attaching an Appeal which explains the present scenario.
A line in acknowledgement will oblige

Best regards
R.N. Mital
Co-ordinator SCNPD
President - Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens' Confederation [APSCCON]
Sr.Vice President - All India Senior Citizens' Confederation [AISCCON]
Tel: 09052004913
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