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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Senior Day Care in Jaipur by Indian Gerontological Association.


The UMANG Day care centre was started by Indian Gerontological Association in the year 1996 ( 15th August,1996) in Jhalana Basti of Jaipur,302004, India.The centre has been given recognition by the State Government of Rajasthan’s Social welfare Department and is also receiving financial assistance from the Rajasthan State Governent to run this centre.
The Centre has 92 male registered members, out of which approximately 30 to 35 members turn up daily. Most of these members belong to the unorganised sector of the Society and are of different castes and religions. The age of these members varies from 60 to 85 years.
The centre is open between 10.30 am to 4-30 p.m. all the weekdays, except Sundays and government holidays. Members come to the centre according to their suitability. These members are given tea and snacks twice in a day i.e. 1 p.m. and 3-30 p.m.

Activities of the members:
The centre provides the members facility of indoor games and a fair number of reading material to keep them busy apart from giving a common platform to discuss different facets of life and their experiences. The centre has number of games to play such as chess, chopad, carrom board, playing- cards. The library of centre has important religious books such as Ramayan, Ramcharitmanas, Mahabharat, Gita, Bible (Hindi), complete works of Vivekanand, History of Dharm Shastras ( in 5 vols.) by P,V.Kane and books related to various diseases which are common in the old age .The centre also has story-books and novels of famous Hindi novelists. Apart from these four magazines (weekly /monthly) and three daily newspapers. Those who are literate read books and magazines of their choice. Books are also issued to the members to read at home.

Income generating Activities :
The centre also has two moulds of different sizes for candle making, and also has 25kg wax. Some of the members take interest in this activity as a source of income. We plan to start a new activity so that the needy members can earn some money for their livelihood.
Due to financial constraints we are unable to do more in this field.

Health Care of the Members:
On each Friday of the week doctor comes and takes care of the medical problems of the members. Approximately 15 members consult allopathic physician . Per month approximately 60 and 70 persons are benefited by this facility of the centre. The physician also gives advice regarding prevention and life style modifications to deal with health problems of elderly.
The centre has a sphygmomanometer (BP instrument) for the weekly check up of blood pressure. Medicines are given free of charge. Members who are patient of asthma, tuberculosis, and blood pressure etc are provided necessary medicines which requires extra expenditure than the routine care. The centre also provides financial assistance to purchase spectacles. From April 99 to March 2002, 37 members of Day care centre were provided spectacles. We need glucometer to check up the sugar level of the patients. We also plan to provide hearing aids and dentures to the members of the centre, but due to paucity of funds we are at present unable to do so.

Picnic and outings
Every year centre organises picnics and programmes for outing. The members decide the place of picnic in their executive committee. They generally like to visit religious places and places of historical importance.

Religious and Social activities:
Every month on any Saturday evening (depending on the Bhajan party of the Basti to give date) Kirtan-Bhajan is organised . This programme is generally attended by most of the members. Monthly satyanarayan katha is also organised. The members also organise monthly meetings themselves in which they discusse the problems of their basti. Association also organises quarterly meetings of the executive members of the Day care centre.
The members celebrate Independence Day, senior citizens day and festivals like Rakhshabandhan, Diwali and Holi and other programmes for their entertainment. They also take interest in social and political issues. These Senior citizens also take part in education programmes. Now all the members can write their names.


W.J.B. said...

My mother is in Japur and I would like her to join this center.

Ms Hendi Lingiah, clinical psychologist, France said...

The center is in Jhalana Basti of Jaipur,302004, India
You may contact the Indian Gerontological Association in Jaipur to get more details on the localisation or contact the Municipality.

Indian Gerontological Association

Address : C-207, Manu Marg, Tilak Nagar,
Jaipur- 302004

Phone : 0141-2621531, 2621693

Email Address :,

Website :
Contact person : Dr. K. L. Sharma

Registration No. : 212/1968-69

FCRA Number : 125560150

Geographical Area of Operation : Jaipur

Thrust Areas : Well being of Senior Citizens.

Mugundhan said...

Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.

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